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RIAM Summer Exams 2020

Keep up practice and preparation as RIAM Summer Exams are still due to proceed in Summer 2020. However, due to Covid-19 the RIAM Summer exams will not be held in the school this Summer. The RIAM Exam board has instead created three flexible options for you to choose from:


You may defer your exam to our next live sittings which will take place between 21st September and 5th December (subject to Government Direction). Please note, depending on how may students choose this option the exam may not be held at Killarney School of Music.


Some candidates are keen to get the exam done. If this is your preferred option, RIAM have a new online exam format that can be undertaken in June. The online system is designed to be easy to use and involves two parts.

Part 1 – Assessment of Pre-recorded Pieces, Scales and Arpeggios

You record your playing in the comfort of your own home and submit via the online exam system. You will be asked to record:

  • Three examination pieces from the syllabus you have been working on
  • Scales of your own choosing (as per syllabus requirements)
  • Arpeggios of your own choosing (as per syllabus requirements)

Part 2 – Sight-reading, Theory, and Aural Assessment 

Aural, theory, and sight-reading marks (Viva voce for Senior Certificate also) should be provided by your teacher, based on the work they have done with you during the year. Your teacher knows you best, and we will be happy to accept their professional judgement in this very special situation.

The recordings and marks from your teacher are submitted via the online exam system.


RIAM are also aware that COVID 19 has put families under financial pressure, and they want to offer the opportunity for a full refund if this is the right course for you.

If you would like more information on any of your options, you can email RIAM on examsoffice@riam.ie.

Please inform Killarney School of Music reception of your decision by Fri 24th April by calling 064-6637598 or email info@killarneyschoolofmusic.com

Please note that Killarney School of Music are currently offering limited online classes that may be useful to students preparing for exams. See HERE for details.