Flexi Class

Flexi Class

In response to Covid19, KSOM are delighted to introduce
a ‘Flexi-Class’ option for one-to-one (private) lessons from Sept 2020.

If for any reason you cannot attend your class on a certain day, you can have your lesson via Skype by prior arrangement with reception.

  • Flexi-Class must be done via Skype. You must have Skype downloaded onto your device and ensure it is working properly. Check the microphone, audio and camera.
  • Flexi-Class is available for private lessons only (one-to-one lessons)
  • Flexi-Class must be organized in advance via email (info@killarneyschoolofmusic.com). If your lesson in on Mon – Fri email us by 1pm on the day of your lesson, or if your lesson is on Sat email us by 9am that morning.
  • In the email you must provide the student’s name, the teacher’s name & your unique Skype name (found under Profile in Skype).
  • The Skype class will take place at the time of your normal lesson.

You need good quality broadband to avail of Flexi-Class. If the class fails due to poor broadband and/or technical problems, the class will not be replaced.

Tips: Ensure the lesson is held in a quiet room where the student and teacher can hear each other well.
Avoid any distractions during the lesson.
The device should have a full battery and be located where there is a strong internet signal.
The device should be set up so that the teacher can see the student & their instrument well to aid instruction.


Flexi Class Explainer Video

(Backing track credit: bensound.com)