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Exam Options

At Killarney School Of Music, taking music examinations is entirely optional. Many music students decide to take exams in order to have formal recognition of the level they have achieved in their particular discipline. We prepare students for both Traditional and Classical Music exams.

See details of exam options below. For more information, please ask your teacher or enquire at reception.

SCT (Scrúdu Ceol Tíre) Traditional Irish Music Exams
The SCT programme is a graded series of exams designed to take the student from basic proficiency (elementary level) right through to mastery of the tradition (senior level). These exams can be taken in all traditional instruments.
LCM Exams (London College of Music)
Both classical and traditional music exams can be taken through LCM. A wide range of instrument options are available including piano, singing, guitar, keyboard, and all traditional instruments. Exams from grade 1 to grade 8 and Diploma in performance are available.
Royal Irish Academy of Music Exams
Classical music exams can be taken through the RIAM. A wide range of instrument and vocal options are available from grade 1 to grade 8.