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SCT Traditional Summer Exams 2020 – update 10/07/20

The following is the update we received today from the SCT Exam Board:

A chara,
Firstly, to apologise for the delay in sending this latest notification regarding the 2020 SCT Exams….

• All Exams from Elementary 1 to Grade 5 will be cancelled for 2020.
• All candidates for these grades will be given a PASS mark and will be permitted to skip to the next level for 2021. Anyone who wishes to undertake the Exam they entered for this year, will of course be permitted to do so in 2021.
• Please note that Grade 5 candidates will only be permitted to undertake a Grade 6 exam if they meet the minimum age requirements as per the syllabus.
• Candidates already entered for 2020 exams will remain on the system and the SCT administration office will enter them for the next level.
• All fees already paid will cover the 2021 exams.
• Exams for Grades 6,7 and 8 will be scheduled for mid-September to mid- October 2020. The SCT Board are very conscious that many of these candidates are also undertaking various state exams and have a tight time schedule. As these candidates account for less that 10% of the total number of exams for 2020 it will be possible to complete these exams this year, within the current Government guidelines.
• Detailed information relating to Grade 6,7 and 8 exams will be sent to the appropriate Entrants within the next 14 days.