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Here at Killarney School of Music we aim to provide the best opportunities for our students. This includes the co-ordination and facilitation of exams in the school when appropriate. This involves dealing with different examination institutions eg. RIAM (Royal Irish Academy of Music), SCT (Scrúdu Ceol Tíre i.e. Comhaltas), LCM (London College of Music), RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors). It is these Examination Institutions that receive the exam fees, timetable the exams, organise the examiners. The school has very limited or no input in the scheduling of the exams, however we do our best to help regarding issues such as swapping of exam time-slots, and try to put pressure on the examining institutions to resolve problems if they arise. That is the limit of our control in the process.

This year we have seen an unprecedented and unacceptable delay with two of the exam boards effecting both traditional and classical students. This may be related to how late Easter fell this year. We applied on your behalf for all exams on time and have been in contact with the exam boards regularly since. We have made every effort to apply pressure in getting timetables well in advance to give students notice. It is incredibly frustrating that we have not yet received a confirmed timetable for the forthcoming LCM Classical Exams, and have just received a partial timetable for the LCM Traditional Exams. The partial timetable received had a number of errors. We have informed them of the errors and requested an immediate updated full timetable. Be assured you will be informed as soon as we know anything more.