Harp Club with Marina Blyth – Currently Postponed

Masterclass Accordion Course

Class Duration: 1 Hour Monthly

Term Course Structure: 

Venue: Killarney School of Music

Course Dates: Currently Postponed



Course Description:

Performance playing of the Harp. The aim of this course is to bring together Harp players, to gain a new set of creative, social and musical skills in performance. This will involve musical arrangement, accompaniment, use of harmony, musicality, good tuning, technical harp issues, use of amplification, recording, making a set list, learning to play in time together, teamwork and presentation & performance skills. There will be a minimum of 1 concert each term. This is a wonderful opportunity for the student to achieve genuine self-confidence and excellence within a music group and within a concert setting. It is a performance foundation that will stay with them for life!

To Book: Call Killarney School of Music on 064-6637598 or drop in to Reception