Summer Classes 2018

For students wishing to take music classes during the Summer, we offer private classes in singing and a range of instruments.

Classes available in Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Singing, Accordion, Melodeon, Concertina, Tin Whistle, Traditional Flute, Classical Flute, Harp, .. and more.

We run two Mini-Terms over the Summer:

Summer Term 1: This is 5 weeks in duration and commences on 3rd July.

Summer Term 2: This is 4 weeks in duration and commences on 7th August.

To book a place, please phone the school office on 064-6637598

The pricing of summer classes is as follows (all are one-to-one classes):

Summer Class Fees 2018

Class Type

Summer Term 1

Summer Term 2

20 mins€85€70
30 mins€125€100
40 mins€160€125
1 hour€220€175