Masterclass Accordion Course – with Danny O’Mahony

Course suitable for: Intermediate and Advanced Accordionists
Course structure: 4 x 1 Hour Master Classes
Venue: Killarney School of Music
Class size: Maximum 5 students
Course starting date: The 2017 classes will take place on Saturdays with a gap of approx 4 weeks between each class
Price: €100
To book: Ring Killarney School of Music on 064-6637598 or call to reception

Masterclass Accordion Course

Course Description:
The aim of this course is to bring the wealth of experience and knowledge of Danny O ‘Mahony to the student. Throughout these master classes, Danny provides continuous attention to detail on the fundamental requirements of accordion playing such as Instrument control, Finger Technique, Rhythm & Phrasing, Basses, Ornamentation and Variation.

At the core of these master classes is a focus on instilling in the student a value and appreciation of our Traditional Irish Music & its Masters. This is the vital phase in any musician’s development, as it will influence their stylistic choice and musical direction in the future.

Through interactive practice led research each pupil will build and expand their knowledge base. Utilizing audio and visual aids they will develop an understanding and respect for past and current masters of our tradition and their influential contributions and legacies.